Professional Services include:


Mechanical Design
Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)
Exhaust and containment systems
Application-specific air filtration systems
Neutral outside air ventilation systems
Spot heating and cooling systems
Heat recovery systems
Hot water and steam boiler systems/plants
Chilled water systems/plants
Hot water piping systems
Steam piping systems
Chilled water piping systems
Energy Management

Pumping Design
Constant speed systems
Variable speed systems
Parallel pumping systems
Series pumping systems

Plumbing Design
Domestic water distribution systems
Sewage and wastewater systems
Drainage systems
Site sewage and waste pretreatment systems

Electrical Design
General space and site illumination
Specialized lighting systems
Site-specific grounding systems
Transient voltage protection systems
Site and standby power generation systems
Lightning protection systems
Building Automation Systems

"Green" Building Design
Building Envelope Analysis
Building Energy Analysis
LEED Accredited Professionals